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Try Me Kirby Earrings

Try Me Kirby Earrings


Spice up your favorite pink round character with some threating auroa! 

Who gave kirby a knife? Honestly, don't know but hey still cute though! 


Don't let someone try you, let kirby give them the message that you are here for good vibes only (and maybe some good snacks too.) 


These are fan - made merchandise/design. 


Product Information 

Earrings are 2 inch Acrylic charms, with Kirby art displayed on both sides. The hook is Rhodium Color and Material is Iron; They are hypoallergenic (Lead & Nickel Free!) 

If you see any scratches, bubbles or anything that looks unusal; its the protective film on the acrylic that you should be able to peel off! Anything else please feel free to contact me. 

  • Shipping & Return Policy

    Returns & Exchanges

    We do not accept or do refunds, exchanges or returns! 

    Please purchase at your own risk, If any further issues or questions please contact here or at 

    Thank you! 

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