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Kuro Peeker Black

Kuro Peeker Black


 Kuromi peeker size: 6x4 

Special Effect: Sparkle effect on eyes & Bow 

 All sales are final, please refer to the shipping & refund policy for more information.

Please double check your shipping address before placing an order!
If you put the wrong address, please email within 24 hours of purchase
♡ Feel free to visit ♡Facebook/Instagram/Tiktok♡ @SammieScribbles to stay up to date! 
♡ Crafted for endurance, our vinyl stickers and decals boast exceptional UV, weather, and water resistance, ensuring they remain vibrant and intact for several years when used outdoors/Indoors. When properly applied and maintained, these stickers can extend their lifespan indoors for many years. We recommend keeping them away from direct sunlight for optimal longevity.

♡ Transform any smooth surface, be it a car bumper, window, laptop, phone case, iPad, water bottle, skateboard, wall, and beyond, with our versatile decals. Explore a diverse collection of designs curated for different items and elevate your personal style while expressing your passion for anime. Turn your surroundings into an enchanting anime paradise using our high-quality decals.

  • ❤How to apply stickers and decals❤


    1. Choose a smooth surface (car window, laptop, etc)

    2.Clean the surface using 70% isopropyl alcohol.
    3. Ensure the surface is dry before applying the decal.
    4. Use a squeegee or Card to apply the decal from one direction, avoiding bubbles.
    5. For best results, apply in warm temperatures.

  • Shipping & Return Policy

    Returns & Exchanges

    We do not accept or do refunds, exchanges or returns! 

    Please purchase at your own risk, If any further issues or questions please contact here or at 

    Thank you! 

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